Dr Jeff Richardson exam

Healthy Canine Club

We believe the most important thing you can do for the health of your dog is to provide the best possible preventive care, including a thorough exam by one of our veterinarians.  To help you provide this care for your dog, we are happy to introduce our Healthy Canine Club, which can provide significant value and savings.

What Your Dog Receives By Joining the Club:

  • Wellness Exam by one of our Veterinarians
  • Early Detection Blood Test to check internal organs
  • Heartworm Blood Test
  • Intestinal Parasite Test (fecal)
  • Vaccinations* your dog needs today. *Flu vaccines (H3N8 and H3N2) are available for an additional cost.

 Wellness Club Benefits:

  • A Free 2nd Wellness Examination by one of our Veterinarians in 6 months ($49 value)
    • This will be good during a single 4 week period in 6 months
    • Your dog is receiving 2 thorough exams per year: this is especially important since your dog cannot talk to you and tell you if they feel something wrong.
  • $2.00 nail trims (normal price is $14) for the next year
  • $99 Stage 1 Dental Cleaning & Exclusive Club pricing on all other dental procedures for 3 months after club renewal
  • $25 off standard dental pricing for 1 year
  • $20 off one night of boarding at either location
  • Average Total Savings: $93- $148! (if you bring your dog in for a dental cleaning and 2 nail trims during the year)

 Healthy Canine Club Cost:

$249 (Without Flu Vaccines) or $289 (With Flu Vaccines)

Please call one of our offices for additional information.  Our Healthy Canine Club is designed for your dog to join at the time of their annual check-up and vaccines.